Invictus employs a flexible, opportunistic investment strategy that pairs rigorous fundamental research with comprehensive legal analysis to assess risk and reward from all potential angles.

The firm’s event-driven approach seeks to invest in special situations resulting from assets undergoing dramatic change including:

  • Bankruptcies;
  • Restructurings;
  • Recapitalizations;
  • Corporate divestitures; and
  • Litigations
Invictus’ core investment attributes:
  • Industry agnostic;
  • Middle market companies;
  • Capital structure agnostic (debt or equity);
  • Situations that are rooted in complexity;
  • Opportunities that are overlooked by traditional investors;
  • Process-oriented situations where patient capital is critical to maximizing value; and
  • Non-correlated to broader financial markets or traditional business value variables
The firm deploys a proprietary framework for active value enhancement through strategic activism to unlock value and mitigate risk.